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GO Biotech Chemical offers a full range of rubber accelerators to increase the speed of the vulcanization of rubber. We supply both primary and secondary accelerators that are suitable for both for natural rubber and synthetic rubber compounds including NS, DPG, ZDEC, MBTS, ZMBT, ZPDC etc.

Our superior technical service team of experienced professionals support our customers application and production needs worldwide.Contact our technical staff to find out the best rubber accelerator for your specific application.


Easily soluble in acetic ether, acetone, soluble in dichloromethane, diethyl ether, some other organic solvent and alkali carbonate solution.

Provides fast cure rate and high modulus development in NR, SBR, BR and blends.

It is after-effect quick accelerator. Scorching time is longer and the processing safety is good.

Furnace applicable to the use of black plastic material, both anti-burning performance and excellent short curing time two major advantages.

The product can be used to chloroprene rubber, Epichlorohydrin rubber, chlorinated polyethylene, etc.

Apply to natural rubber, synthetic rubber, do not apply to latex, mainly used for tire manufacturing, rubber slab and other industrial rubber products.

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Henan GO Biotech Co.,Ltd, one high-tech chemical enterprise, locates in the birthplace of Chinese Kungfu—Zhengzhou city. We are specialized in supplying various chemical products, focusing on product R&D, manufacturing and trading. our company is with strong technical strength, we have chemical Doctor who studied in America, concentrates on various chemical material R&D and production, has invented our patent product—Diacid 1550.

In the past 15 years, we are always doing our best to meet the requirements of customers. With our large production capacity, high quality control and stability, we have built up our brand GO and reputation in the market, meanwhile OEM is also available. Our product series are mainly in rubber additives, plastic additives,water treatment additives and pharmaceutical intermediates, widely used in rubber, leather, shoes, plastic, pharmacy, water treatment, construction and other industries.

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